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Father, Husband, computer geek, gamer, aspiring fitness nerd. I architect and code by day, and often keep at it into the dark of night. Currently fascinated by Python / Django, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and CentOS. Always on the lookout for a new Oracle DB challenge.

Matt Chamlee

Making sure Twitter cross-posting still works...

Matt Chamlee

Hey, I’m still here. Still alive. I’m working at home, like many others. Weee...

Matt Chamlee

Diablo Immortal huh? Well, not what I was hoping for, but I'll reserve judgement. Diablo with my Daughter and Wife sounds like fun. Really hope it's not F2P and microtransaction-laden.

Matt Chamlee

Some recent happenings

2 min read

So, I'd thought at first about this being a 2018 catch-up, but figured it was too ambitious. I want to write, and I need to keep myself motivated to write, so I'll make this first post in a while a bit shorter.

So, we moved into our new house in June, a process we started in October of 2017 with a 5-acre land purchase. It's crazy, and cool. Probably deserves it's own post, but suffice it to say it's good to be a home/land owner again.

I'm trying to separate myself from Google. It's going to be a gradual process, though I did do one cold turkey move by dumping Chrome on my PC, Mac, and mobile devices. Using Firefox on Windows and Safari on iOS and macOS. Things are fine so far. Need to get the bookmark syncing between Firefox and Safari setup still. Also switched search engines, using Duck Duck Go now. Yeah, it doesn't feel quite as complete as Google does, but it works surprisingly well.

After weeks of debating, contemplating, and bellyaching, I bit the bullet and ordered an iPhone Xs. It will arrive today. I'm excited.

Got the family out for a hike, posted some of those pictures on Instagram. That was a lot of fun, and really happy Carolynn and Laurin made it through the 5.3 miles and 1.5k elevation change. Definitely want to do more of that as a family. though solo trips are nice once in a while.

What else? Well, I've been digging into Azure for work and personal stuff. Ejoying that. Getting deeper into Cloud and Big Data. Feels good to be part of that space, and to add those highlights to my resume. That reminds me, still need to update LinkedIn.

That's it for now. Hope to post more soon.

Matt Chamlee

If you need to proxy/forward HTTPS traffic to a WP site, this will help. Lifesaver for me.

Matt Chamlee

[SPOILERS] Some thoughts about The Last Jedi

1 min read

First off, I enjoyed the movie, a great deal. These are just some random thoughts after a first viewing. It's a very different Star Wars movie, and I firmly believe that's a good thing. A second viewing is definitely in order.

Kind-of wanted to know more about Snoke, and not convinced Kylo can take his place as a frightening, poweful sith leader. In fact, I was just starting to get that oh shit feeling about Snoke when he "fell apart". Kylo and Hux leading the First Order? Not so sure.

The Fin/Rose adventure as a social commentary trip. The accomplished nothing, except for maybe inspriring some young Rebels. In fact, all Fin, Rose, and Poe really accomiplished was getting a lot of people killed. Again, social commentary? Everything is grey? Best intentions...?

I do kind-of like what they did with Poe. Kind-of. Brash, cocky pilot is put in his place. Hmmm...

Speaking of people dying, Holdo? I liked the character a lot, wanted to see more of her in the next film. Oh well.

Some incredible cinematography. Music, as always, spot on. Great acting across the board, especially Mark.

Matt Chamlee

Apps That Help Make My iPad a Laptop

3 min read

I’ve been repeatedly impressed by this iPad Pro and how it works as both a tablet and a laptop. Granted, there are still severe limitations in some areas compared to a full Windows or macOS experience, one being serious software development, but I’ve been able to take Python development further on this device than I ever thought possible. Some credit goes to iOS itself, especially version 11, with the multitasking bits allowing overlaid and split-screen application usage. Lately, however, I’ve found myself impressed in the application design itself, usage of the space on the iPad, and elements of very thoughtful design. Not all of it is perfect, and some of it you pay a hefty pricetag for (looking at you Omnigraffle), but it goes a long way to helping me settle into using this as both a tablet and a laptop/productivity device.

Editorial, which I’m using to author this post, is a great example of clean, get out of your way design. While I’m sad my current blogging platform of choice, Known, doesn’t support Markdown directly, Editorial is still great for publishing layout and organization. It can be what you want, from a simple text editor to a robust word processor, and even includes scripting which I have yet to try out.

Omnigraffle, what some might call the premiere vector design and diagramming tool for Apple devices, really shines on iOS in it’s latest release. It’s expensive, but if it’s something you have a need for the flow, performance, and ease of use make it worth it.

Word, which I’m using more and more on my iPad for outlines as I plan out projects and applications, is a great example of taking something as long lived and feature-rich as it is and distilling it into just what you need to get the job done. The features are all there, but it gets out of your way and let’s you work on the task and hand. The more I use it the more I’m curious to see what I can do with Powerpoint on iOS.

A few apps I’ve used very little, but am exited to spend more time with, are Pythonista, Ynab, and Terminus. Pythonista take a lot of cues from Editorial, which makes sense since it’s the same developer. Ynab I just feel more comforable doing the regular stuff on the web app and quick things on the phone, but I suspect over time the iPad app won’t feel so awkward, already doing several things very well. Terminus is a superb terminal application that I just haven’t had as much need for, but I know of ways I could put it to more use.

I look forward to being able to do more on the iPad. I’ll probably never get to any more serious development, at least not locally (Terminus provides some remote development options), but I expect to find more capabilities as time goes on.

Matt Chamlee

While I'm on this deleting kick, wonder if it's feasible to move away from Gmail. Does anyone handle spam as good?

Matt Chamlee

Also recently "deleted" my membership. That felt REALLY good. Thank you /r/exmormon and

Matt Chamlee

account deleted. Feels pretty good.