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Father, Husband, computer geek, gamer, aspiring fitness nerd. I architect and code by day, and often keep at it into the dark of night. Currently fascinated by Python / Django, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and CentOS. Always on the lookout for a new Oracle DB challenge.

Matt Chamlee

[SPOILERS] Some thoughts about The Last Jedi

1 min read

First off, I enjoyed the movie, a great deal. These are just some random thoughts after a first viewing. It's a very different Star Wars movie, and I firmly believe that's a good thing. A second viewing is definitely in order.

Kind-of wanted to know more about Snoke, and not convinced Kylo can take his place as a frightening, poweful sith leader. In fact, I was just starting to get that oh shit feeling about Snoke when he "fell apart". Kylo and Hux leading the First Order? Not so sure.

The Fin/Rose adventure as a social commentary trip. The accomplished nothing, except for maybe inspriring some young Rebels. In fact, all Fin, Rose, and Poe really accomiplished was getting a lot of people killed. Again, social commentary? Everything is grey? Best intentions...?

I do kind-of like what they did with Poe. Kind-of. Brash, cocky pilot is put in his place. Hmmm...

Speaking of people dying, Holdo? I liked the character a lot, wanted to see more of her in the next film. Oh well.

Some incredible cinematography. Music, as always, spot on. Great acting across the board, especially Mark.

Matt Chamlee

A lot of talk about Rey being a Mary Sue...if you're confused: and this *SPOILERS WITHIN*

Matt Chamlee

[SPOILERS] Some quick thoughts on the Life Is Strange ending #LifeIsStrange #LISFinale

2 min read

As one might imagine I've been thinking about the game in all it's various aspects a lot since finishing it late Monday. I would like to write much more later, and hopefully I will, but I wanted to put some thoughts down about the ending.

Two choices. Sacrifice Chole to save Arcadia Bay, or let the tornado "wipe out" the town to keep your friend alive. I chose to sacrifice Chole. It was a rough choice, to be sure, and a powerful ending, but ultimately one I felt good the time. Thinking about it more now I'm not so sure.

The more I think about that other ending, after watching it on YouTube, the more I realize that it's not entirely clear that everyone died. You have to think that some people made the wise decision to leave when they saw it looming. Some shelters, I'm sure, survived the destruction. I saw a note from other people that played the game (something I missed) that some characters like Kate Marsh were already on their way out of town.

I find it somewhat amusing that I'm feeling guilty for chosing to let Chole die, leave all those experiences and choices behind, giving up a lifetime of friendship/love because of what is ultimately an unknown about the fate of the people in Arcadia Bay. It's crazy, but I love that a game has made me feel this way.