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Father, Husband, computer geek, gamer, aspiring fitness nerd. I architect and code by day, and often keep at it into the dark of night. Currently fascinated by Python / Django, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and CentOS. Always on the lookout for a new Oracle DB challenge.

Matt Chamlee

[SPOILERS] Some thoughts about The Last Jedi

1 min read

First off, I enjoyed the movie, a great deal. These are just some random thoughts after a first viewing. It's a very different Star Wars movie, and I firmly believe that's a good thing. A second viewing is definitely in order.

Kind-of wanted to know more about Snoke, and not convinced Kylo can take his place as a frightening, poweful sith leader. In fact, I was just starting to get that oh shit feeling about Snoke when he "fell apart". Kylo and Hux leading the First Order? Not so sure.

The Fin/Rose adventure as a social commentary trip. The accomplished nothing, except for maybe inspriring some young Rebels. In fact, all Fin, Rose, and Poe really accomiplished was getting a lot of people killed. Again, social commentary? Everything is grey? Best intentions...?

I do kind-of like what they did with Poe. Kind-of. Brash, cocky pilot is put in his place. Hmmm...

Speaking of people dying, Holdo? I liked the character a lot, wanted to see more of her in the next film. Oh well.

Some incredible cinematography. Music, as always, spot on. Great acting across the board, especially Mark.